Other Writings

Opinion Pieces

"On Ebonics, Strawberries, and the Ever-Lowering Standard of Living" (East Bay Labor Journal, 1997)

"Keep Corporations Out of Public Schools" (Oakland Tribune, 1998).

"The Case Against the Colombia Free Trade Pact" (Baltimore Sun, 2011).

"Unions Would Protect Adjunct Professors" (Baltimore Sun, 2014)

Selected Book Reviews

A Thousand Ways to Be an Arab in America.
Review of the The Night Counter by Alia Yunis

Searching Jenin by Ramzy Baroud

In the Heart of the Heart of Another Country;
by Etel Adnan,
published in Rain Taxi Review

Never Mind: Twenty Poems and a Story by Taha Muhammad Ali--
published in Rain Taxi Review

Beirut '75 by Ghadda Samman,
published in Al Jadid

Houses Behind the Trees by Mohammed El-Bisatie,
published in Al Jadid

Memory in the Flesh by Ahlam Mostaghanemi,
published in Al Jadid

I Saw Ramallah by Mourid Barghouti
Published in Al Jadid

Palestinian Diaspora in Autobiographical Approach
Published in Al Jadid

Literature of Emergency: Kanafani's 'Palestine's Children'
Published in Al Jadid

Viruses and Epidemics of Futility: Rabih Alameddine's KoolAids
Published in Al Jadid

Hanna Mina's 'Sun on a Cloudy Day': Potential of Revolt Always Present
RAWI Anthology Offers a Glimpse of  Arab-American Literary Talent
Publsihed in Al Jadid

New Book Documents, Condemns Iraqi Sanctions
Published in Al Jadid

Anthology Reveals Quality, Variety of Today's Arabic Short Fiction
Published in Al Jadid

Selected Film and Performance Reviews and Interviews

Fanny Howe by Kim Jensen:
Interview for Bomb Magazine

Documentary Film Gives Voice to the Erotic Body:
A Review of Jasad and the Queen of Contradictions

Ben Baraka: The Moroccan Equation,
a film directed by Simone Bitton,
published in al-Ahram Weekly

Witness to Brutality:  Film Documents Life and Death of Naji al-Ali
Published in Al Jadid

Towards a Glorious Levantine Impurity:  An Interview with Ammiel Alcalay
Published in Al Jadid

San Francisco International Film Festival Presents Selections from Arab Cinema

The Closed Doors by Atef Hetata
Published in Al Jadid

Under the Ramadan Moon
A Performance by Elmaz Abinader
Published in Al Jadid