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Kim Jensen is writer, educator, and political activist who has lived in France, California, and the Middle East. She and her husband Palestinian painter Zahi Khamis have been involved in human rights and social justice movements for many years.

Kim’s first novel about a turbulent love affair between a Palestinian exile and an American student, The Woman I Left Behind, was published in 2006 by Curbstone Press and was finalist for Forward Magazine’s book of the year award. Her two collections of poems, Bread Alone and The Only Thing that Matters were both published by Syracuse University Press—in 2009 and 2013. Acclaimed poet Naomi Shihab Nye calls Kim’s poems “searing and spare.” She adds: “They will haunt you and stretch your vision. You won’t be the same person after reading them that you were before.”

In 2001, Kim won the Raymond Carver Prize for Short Fiction, and her writings have appeared in many books, anthologies, and journals. In addition to her creative work, Kim has been involved in numerous social justice campaigns and movements, most recently the campaign to build community college faculty unions in Maryland.  She written and published extensively about the culture and politics of the Arab World, particularly the conflict in Palestine.

Kim finished her doctoral degree in Creative Writing from Lancaster University; her dissertation was a new novel called Forget Jerusalem accompanied by a critical thesis that situates her work within the larger literary landscape. She currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland where she is associate professor at the Community College of Baltimore County where she serves as the founding director of The Community Book Connection, an interdisciplinary literacy initiative that demonstrates the vital connections between classroom learning and social justice issues in the broader community